[:en]Implemetation of Belarus Roadmap for Higher Education Reform 2nd Monitoring Report (January-May 2016)[:]

[:en]The Belarusian Independent Bologna Committee (BIBC) and the Ad Hoc Commission of the Belarusian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (BNP of EaP CSF) released the second report on the Roadmap implementation of Higher Education Reform for the period of January-May 2016.

The report identifies that the absence of a clear regulatory and legal framework as well as a the lack of transparency in creating such a framework are the main causes which prevents Belarus from fulfilling its obligations regarding the Roadmap implementation.

The report by the Ministry of Education prepared for the first Advisory Group (AG2) meeting stated the legal basis for the Roadmap implementation:

  • Ministry of Education Order No. 628 “On adopting measures to incorporate the EHEA principles and instruments into the national education system in 2015-2018 starting from 30 July 2015
  • State Program on Education Development
  • Education Code of the Republic of Belarus

The document also contains a list of recommendations addressed to AG2 to work with the Belarussian authorities to improve the implementation process.

Implemetation of Belarus Roadmap for Higher Education Reform 2nd Monitoring Report[:]