The policy paper “Higher Education Reform in light of Bologna Process: opportunities, obstacles, context” was produced within the project “Higher Education Reforms Reinforcement in Eastern Partnership countries”, supported by the EaP CSF Re-granting scheme. The paper was prepared by The Humanitarian Techniques’ Agency and its partners, the Belarusian Independent Bologna Committee, Social and Kultural Innovation Lab and International Foundation for Educational Policy Research.

The main goal of the project was to identify opportunities and barriers for higher education reforms in Eastern Partnership countries within Bologna process framework as well as to develop joint strategic recommendations for higher education reforms process participants including civil society actors.”

The study analyses the higher education reform process under the Bologna requirements in the Eastern Partnership, focusing on common issues encountered in all six Partner countries as well as on specific problems spotted in Armenia, Belarus and Ukraine. The authors argue that more involvement of CSOs into the Bologna process, as “a watchdog for national governments” in order to “prevent negative effects from the imitation of real reforms”.

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