On 13 December 2016, GLOBSEC of Slovakia with the EaP CSF and Information Center on NATO and EU organized the expert workshop “EU’s Eastern Partnership Review”. The event was held in Brussels and covered the progress in Georgia’s Association Agreement implementation, challenges and recommendations in regards to the Georgia’s DCFTA Implementation and public diplomacy aspects of Georgia’s Association Agreement and DCFTA implementation as well as the European Neighbourhood Policy review concerning the Eastern Partnership.

Mr. Archil Karaulashvili, First Deputy State Minister of Georgia on European and Euro Atlantic Integration. argued that the implementation of DCFTA reforms are crucial in order to boost production and investments, work on new standards and rules and focus on private sector development, in particular on SMEs. He also outlined the benefits of the cooperation between national authorities and the Georgian NP of the EaP CSF in policy work.

Mr. Pierre Deusy from the European Externa Action Service (EEAS) described Georgia as “the best student”, achieving more than other countries in terms of the DCFTA implementation and emphasized the need to continue the reforms.

The outcomes of the workshop include the status review on the Association Agreement and DCFTA implementation by Georgia as well as the policy review with recommendations by the panel of Eastern Partnership countries’ experts on topic of the EU’s Eastern Partnership Review.