Lead Organization: Center for Innovation and Policies, Moldova

Partners: Georgia’s Reforms Associates – GRASS (Georgia), Strategic and Security Studies Group (Ukraine)

Project duration: 6 months (May – October 2017)

Aim: to enhance the dialogue between the Eastern Partnership countries on how to effectively involve the CSOs and business sector in standardization process by facilitating the transition from the  Soviet standards (GOST) to European standards in the framework of the DCFTA.

Main outputs: a comparative analysis of the standardisation process in the EaP Countries (Georgia, Moldova andUkraine ) in the context of the EU integration process; regional guidelines for the EaP countries on the transition from the Soviet standards (GOST) to the European standards; raising the awareness of civil society actors from the Republic of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine regarding standardization; building the capacity of National Standards Bodies from the EaP countries for a better dialogue on European standards in the framework of the DCFTA.

Comparative Reports

English Version


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 Russian Version


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Policy Papers

European Standardisation in Georgia


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European Standardisation in Moldova


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European Standardisation in Ukraine


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Narrative Report


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Information Campaign in Kiev


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Information Campaign in Moldova


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Information Campaign GRASS


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Regional Conference


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