Klaipėda, 17 May 2019

EaP Network Workshop on LNG

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) representatives, Igor Stukalenko (Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI”, Ukraine) and Eugenia Gusilov (ROEC – Romania Energy Center), contributred to the discussions on Liquefied Natural Gas at the EaP LNG Network Workshop in Lithuania.

The region must adopt a more strategic approach to natural gas and the opportunities it offers, is the advice coming from civil society. The 2nd Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Network Workshop looked closely at the use, and possible advantages, of LNG across Eastern Partnership (EaP).

The Forum representatives stressed that the EaP region needs a coordinated plan for gas and LNG infrastructure development, a key factor in ensuring their Security of Supply (SoS). The event also featured a number of panels on specific application of LNG: in road and railway stations, maritime and inland water transport, as well as its general benefits to the environment. What is more, it addressed the use of LNG as motor fuel in transport and its merit as fuel for heating houses.