Brussels, 17 June 2019

EaP Energy Panel

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) contributed to the discussions at the 3rd EaP Panel on Energy, with interventions on gas and broader energy infrastructure. Ana Otilia Nuțu (Expert-Grup, Romania) and Igor Stukalenko (Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI”, Ukraine) represented the Forum.

Stukalenko and Nuțu provided recommendations and raised issues, relevant to the development of energy markets – in particular, regional energy connectivity and sub-sectoral liquefied natural gas (LNG) network. Stukalenko presented questions on the recent amendments to the Gas Directive, which affect certain EaP countries. Those states that apply EU gas legislation (Ukraine, Georgia or Moldova), and the definition of “interconnector”, should not be penalised and see derogatory effects on competition, security of supply or the functioning of their markets, pointed Stukalenko. EaP Panel on Energy took place in Brussels on 17 June 2019.