On 1-2 June the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum will hold the Working Group (WG) 1 “Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance and Stability” conference on “Improving Conditions for Civil Society in a Shifting Environment” aimed at discussing the reviewed European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and exploring possibilities for facilitating the work of civil society organisations (CSOs) in the EaP region.

The conference will be opened by Luc Pierre Devigne, Director for Russia, Eastern Partnership, Central Asia and OSCE at the EEAS, and the coordinators of the EaP CSF WG1 Ana Nastvlishvili and Krzysztof Bobinski.

On 1 June speakers at the panels “How well can the reviewed ENP respond to the realities of the region?”, “How to make the dialogue with governments and the EU more transparent?” and “How can we improve the working environment for CSOs in difficult conditions” will include Anar Mammadli, recently released political prisoner, ​co-founder of Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center, Leyla Aliyeva, Academic Fellow at Oxford University and Coordinator at the Center for National and International Studies and Lawrence Meredith, Director of Neighbourhood East, DG NEAR.

On 2 June Boris Iarochevitch, Head of Division Russia, Eastern Partnership, Central Asia and OSCE will deliver a speech on the general progress of the Eastern Partnership initiative.

Please let us know if you would like to attend the public sessions at communications@eap-csf.eu since the venue will allow us to host a limited number of external participants.