On 23 July, the Working Group of the Georgian Parliament Legal Affairs Committee discussed the legislative amendments put forward by Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Georgian National Platform (EaP CSF GNP). This comes in a month after EaP CSF GNP called the Parliament of Georgia to reform the Office of Prosecutor General.

The original proposal was drafted jointly by several organisations, in the interest of making the Prosecutor General election procedure more democratic. Many in the EaP CSF GNP believe that a serious reform of the Office is needed to democratise the institution, restore public trust and make it fit for its duties.

The Draft Law also foresees changes to the Prosecution Council and election of its members. It seeks to depoliticise the Council and end any future pressures from the government, or indeed any one party on their selection. In light of growing opposition, these changes are fundamental and should be implemented before the election of the next Prosecutor General.

Apart from the Legal Affairs Committee and EaP CSF GNP, the discussions were attended by Giorgi Gogadze, Deputy Chief ProsecutorZviad Koridze, Pardon Commission Chairperson, as well as the members of Scientific Advisory Council and invited experts.

On the same day (23 July), EaP CSF GNP also met with Andrejs Mamikins MEP (LV-S&D), European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee Rapporteur to discuss the implementation of European Union Association Agreement (EUAA) by Georgia, as well as judiciary and human rights reforms, among other topics.