The Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum released a statement expressing disappointment at the approval of the amendments to the Ukrainian law on electronic declaration of assets on 30 March 2017. According to these amendments,  individuals engaged in  anti-corruption activities (civic activists, businesses providing anti-corruption CSOs with services, representatives of institutions  supporting anti-corruption activists) have to submit  e-declarations for their assets on an equal basis with civil servants.

The EaP CSF supports civic activists, lawyers and representatives of the Ukraine’s international partners denouncing the discriminatory, selective and manipulative approach to legal norms. We consider the approval of the amendments as an alarming step backwards after the hard-earned gains of the past three years in ensuring openness in society, accountability of the authorities, democracy and freedom.

Therefore, the Steering Committee urges the Ukrainian government to repeal this legislation in order to avoid considerable restrictions on the activities of anti-corruption organisations and activists, organisations providing support, and civil society as a whole.

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