The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum is looking for experts to support the Steering Committee in developing a new strategy of the EaP CSF for 2018-2020 that will be offered for the adoption at the EaP CSF Annual Assembly in October 2017. The new strategy will be a logical continuation of the previous one and will be based on the four EaP Riga Summit priorities that will continue to serve as a basis of the EaP and the Forum’s work. The strategy should be concrete enough to allow its operationalisation by all structures of the Forum and the development of the annual plans on national (National Platforms) and regional (Forum as a whole and Working Groups) levels.

Expected results:

Expert 1

  • Evaluation of the implementation of the current strategy of the EaP CSF
  • Development of a new strategy for 2018-2020

Expert 2

  • Identification of the key organisational, structural, procedural and other issues hampering the EaP CSF’s effectiveness and the well-functioning elements
  • Development of scenarios for reform in the form of prioritised menu of options to improve the EaP CSF’s fitness for purpose and a feasibly timed roadmap for phasing in the changes

Facilitator of the strategy session

  1. The plan of facilitation of the strategy session
  2. Facilitation of a 1,5-day session on 6-7 July in Vilnius

Please apply before midnight (CET) of June 7, 2017 by sending your CV and a one-page (maximum) cover letter elaborating on your expertise you can offer in response to this call  at

Download the terms of reference