ANY EaP – Assessing the needs of youth in the EaP

Within the framework of the project “Assessing the Needs of Youth in the EaP“, Local Democracy Agency Georgia conducted a summer school in Kutaisi, in which sixteen young people from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Moldova participated. During the summer school, the youths developed roadmaps for youth needs in their home country.

Local Democracy Agency Georgia conducted this Re-granting project on youth needs in the Eap from May to September 2019 together with the Ukrainian Youth Organization STAN, Moldova’s National Youth Council, and the Regional Human Rights and Media Center of Azerbaijan. The project partners aimed at educating young people on the importance of civic engagement. Additionally, they set out to provide concrete tools for youth to become more actively engaged with local authorities. In the framework of the project, a summer school took place in the Georgian city of Kutaisi from 20 to 25 July, 2019.

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Project description Summer School 2019: Assessing the needs of youth in EaP, LDA Georgia, 2019