Vera Rihackova, the Advocacy Manager at the EaP CSF Secretariat, drafted an appraisal of the reviewed European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) entitled “ENP Review – Towards Effective EU Action in the Eastern Neighbourhood?” for EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.

The publication provides a critical overview of the new approach introduced by the recently released Communication on the ENP review: “Some experts have praised the ENP review for acknowledging the situation on the ground, and drawing correct reflections on different aspirations and level of preparedness of the neighbouring countries to engage with the EU (principle of differentiation), but also on the operationalization of EU interests, and an enhanced security angle. Nonetheless, the reception has been rather lukewarm from the side of civil society organizations and other players promoting human rights and democracy. The criticism can be summarized in the following way: the EU has embarked upon Realpolitik, turning its back on its own values and focusing on imminent, short-term concerns of stabilization and migration. It has become apparent that democracy, rule of law and human rights have slipped down the agenda.”

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