On 11 of February 2016, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) hosted in Brussels the 2nd meeting of the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform (CSP) to discuss the current state in the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, with special focus on anti-corruption and energy policy. For that, two reports on energy and on rule of law/anti-corruption were drafted by each side.

EaP CSF member Oleksandr Sushko of the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation co-chaired the Platform on the Ukrainian side, assessing it as “a new stage in the institutional cooperation between our civil societies”. EaP CSF Co-Chair and EU Coordinator Krzysztof Bobinski (Unia and Polska Foundation) took part in the CSP meeting in quality of observer.

The meeting concluded with the adoption of a Joint Declaration stressing upon a number of recommendations for an effective fight against corruption in Ukraine and supporting its entry in the common EU energy market, with an eventual membership in the European Energy Union.

Event Agenda

Anti-corruption Report (Transparency International Ukraine)

Anti-corruption Report (EESC)

Energy Report (DiXiGroup)

Energy Report (EESC)

Joint Declaration