The Secretary General of the European Association of Local Democracies (ALDA), Antonella Valmorbida, recently wrote a publication on the cooperation with civil society to promote Public Administration Reform (PAR) and Decentralization in EaP countries. The publication focuses on the case studies from Armenia, Belarus and Ukraine and concludes with the author’s recommendations.

These recommendations are based on the aims and objectives of the European Neighbourhood Policy and the acquis communautaire, which include support for better and efficient cooperation, transparency, accountability, democratic representation and anti-corruption activities.

Furthermore, in her paper Ms Valmorbida highlights the benefits of involving CSOs in the public administration reform at both local and national levels. For instance, one of these benefits is that CSOs can play a key role in informing citizens in order to improve the implementation of legislative provisions.

ALDA is an active member of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum since 2009 and Antonella Valmorbida is currently the coordinator of the Subgroup on Public Administration Reform.

Full publication