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EaP CSF is the largest umbrella organisation of NGOs from the Eastern Partnership region and the EU counting +1000 members. Since 2009, we are working together to promote European integration, facilitate reforms and democratic transformations in the six Eastern Partnership countries — Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Membership in the EaP CSF is open to all civil society organisations from the EaP countries and EU member states that are active in the Eastern Neighbourhood. These can include grassroots organisations, trade unions, farmers’ and consumers’ organisations, think tanks, employers’ organisations, professional associations, faith-based organisations, non-profit foundations and more.

Members’ role in EaP CSF

Our members advocate jointly for better reforms and democratic transformations. They come together during EaP CSF Working Group meetings, Annual Assemblies, and National Platform meetings. They represent the Forum in the official EU EaP architecture meetings, formulate joint positions for consultations, develop joint projects and much more. They cover a wide-range of expertise, from human rights, to public administration reform, passing through DCFTA implementation and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to environment, youth and education.

If you are hesitant whether your organisation is already part of our network, please check our membership database below.

Benefits of EaP CSF membership

There are different ways your organisation can be involved in our activities. If you are interested in shaping the EaP policy, amplifying civil society’s voice, boosting your skills and collaborate with other organisations — the Forum is the place for you! Here are the main reasons to join the Forum.


  • Access to EU institutions, EU member states and EaP policymakers through the EaP CSF channel;
  • Participation in the decision-making processes of the largest EaP civil society organisation;
  • Possibility to represent the EaP CSF at EaP Platform and Panel meetings with EU and EaP officials;
  • Possibility to represent the EaP CSF at the EaP Bilateral Civil Society Platforms;
  • Participation in EU-driven consultations on EaP and consultations organised by the Council of Europe, World Bank, European Investment Bank and other institutional stakeholders;
  • Close co-operation on the most pressing issues with civil society organisations from across the EaP region and the EU;
  • Access to tailor-made information about what is happening at EU level in the areas covered by the Eastern Partnership
  • Access to tools to help your advocacy work better back home;


  • Access to the Forum’s 1000+ NGO members with different expertise;
  • Meeting organisations working in similar fields through the participation in dedicated Working Groups on the issues covered by the EaP;
  • Access to European and regional networking opportunities;
  • Visibility for your organisation;


  • Access to funding through the EaP CSF regranting scheme;
  • Access to trainings, capacity building and advocacy visits;
  • Sharing of best practices and peer learning through the exchange with colleagues and invited experts from all over Europe;

Members in numbers

Contact us

Pascal Willaumez

Membership and Governance Manager
Email: pascal.willaumez@eap-csf.eu