Tbilisi, 4 February 2022

EaP CSF Georgian National Platform statement on the Russian aggression against Ukraine

In their statement, the member organizations of the Georgian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum express their solidarity with the people of Ukraine in the fight for freedom and condemn the annexation and occupation of Ukrainian territories by Russia.

Of particular concern are recent events and the concentration of large numbers of Russian troops on the Ukraine Border. Russia’s aggression, threatening to use force, is aimed at making the West slam the door shut on NATO’s open door policy, linked to both, Ukraine’s and Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic perspective. Moreover, Russia’s aggression is also focused on resolving defense and security as well as the international political issues for its own benefit and to the detriment of others.

We believe that this could be a critical moment for the future of Europe. It is therefore crucial to take effective steps to deter aggression, which in turn implies different military assistance, and to make effective political decisions. We mean the implementation of NATO’s open door policy towards Ukraine and Georgia in terms of the perspective for joining the Euro-Atlantic space, which will be a clear message to Russia. We would like to emphasize that time-consuming processes encourage Russia’s destructive and aggressive policy.

We hope that the joint efforts will stop the Russian aggression and contribute to the stable development and integration of our countries into European and Euro-Atlantic structures.


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Statement of the EaP CSF Georgian National Platform on the Russian aggression against Ukraine.