The EaP CSF Working Group “Social & Labour Policies and Social Dialogue” was set up at the fourth CSF meeting in Stockholm in November 2012. It is the only Working Group of the Forum not modelled after a Platform of the multilateral track of the EaP, although members of the working group advocate for the setting up of a Platform 5 focusing on social policy and employment within the EaP or – if this should not be possible – for the establishment of a sub-platform under the existing Platform 2 (Economic integration and convergence with EU policies) focusing on social and employment trends.


Goals of the Working Group

The Working Group focuses on:

  • social policy
  • labour markets
  • social rights
  • social dialogue
  • social and economic issues pertinent to the EaP countries
  • promotion of European Norms and International Standards as defined by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, the European Social Charter and the International Labour Organisation
  • raising awareness of the civil society in EaP countries about social dialogue and its implementation in the EU countries


Dzmitry Babicki, CASE Belarus (Poland, EU Coordinator) | [email protected]

Tatiana Marian, National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova (Moldova, EaP Coordinator) | [email protected]