EaP CSF Working Group “Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance and Stability” deals with the main issues on the agenda of EaP Thematic Platform 1 on Democracy, Good Governance and Stability. The group took the decision to add “human rights” to its title and suggested that the title of the Thematic Platform 1 also be changed. The WG1 is the largest group in terms of members.


Mikayel Hovhannisyan, Eurasia Partnership Foundation (Armenia, EaP Coordinator) | [email protected]

Sofia Strive, Forum Syd, (Sweden, EU Coordinator) | [email protected]

Goals of the Working Group

The WG1 believes that the EaP provides an opportunity for the partner countries to integrate with the European Union by developing stable democratic structures and by enabling stronger participation of civil society, in areas such as:

  • human rights
  • electoral standards
  • media freedom
  • combating corruption
  • training
  • local administration

DOWNLOAD – Thematic Evaluation: EU Support for Rule of Law in Neighbourhood Countries (2010-2017)