EaP CSF Re-Granting (FSTP) to members 2021, Lot 3, Project 1

Analysing and assessing the management of Transboundary Emerald Sites of Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova

CSO Charitable Organisation “Interecocentre” (Ukraine) together with its project partners from two other EaP countries will prepare a policy paper for further development and management of transboundary Emerald Sites in compliance with EU Biodiversity Policy.

At a glance

Lead organisation: CSO Charitable Organisation “Interecocentre” (Ukraine)

Partner organisations:

  • CSO Public Association EcoContact (Moldova)
  • CSO “Bahna” (Belarus)

Project duration: 01 May 2021 – 30 November 2021

Project aim: This project aims to strengthen the advocacy role and priorities of the EaP CSF and its members Civil Society Organisations in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova through the formulation of a policy paper analysing and assessing the implementation, monitoring and oversight of the management of Transboundary Emerald Sites.