Brussels, 4 March 2021

Eastern Partnership Index 2018-19

The Linkage results of the EaP Index show the position of Eastern Partnership countries in terms of connection between business, civil society, citizens and governments within the EaP and EU countries. The results show increased linkages between all EaP countries and the EU, likewise a continued and sustained divide between the three AA signatories, Georgia, the Ukraine, and Moldova, and the other three Eastern Partnership countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Belarus. 

The results of the Linkage dimension of the Eastern Partnership Index 2018-19 are now available online – together with an interactive radar chart and a downloadable version of the full text. The Linkage Eastern Partnership Index consists of three main dimensions: International Security, Political Dialogue and Co-operation; Sectoral Co-operation and Trade Flows; and Citizens in Europe.

AA countries remain leaders in the Citizens in Europe section, having higher levels of people-to-people contacts, especially thanks to visa liberalisation regimes. Overall, Georgia led in Linkage, improving its scores in all sections. Moldova ranked second, maintaining a higher position thanks to an increase in its people-to-people connections with the EU but continued declining in terms of the International Security, Political Dialogue and Cooperation, owing to decreased political dialogue with the EU and a reduction in financial assistance.

Moldova and Ukraine continue to lead in the Sectoral Cooperation and Trade Flows section, maintaing strong trade relations with the EU. Armenia recorded significant improvements in a number of areas, most significantly in the Political Dialogue with the EU. However, Azerbaijan and Belarus continue to be the weakest performers in all sections, due to a lack of cooperation frameworks comparable in ambition and depth to the Association Agreements or CEPA, and reduced participation in EU programmes facilitating people-to-people contacts.

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LINKAGE 2018-2019 – Eastern Partnership Index