Policy Papers

Recommendations from the Annual Assembly

Recommendations from the 8th EaP CSF Annual Assembly

On 28-29 November Brussels hosted the 8th EaP CSF Annual Assembly that brought together around 250 representatives of CSOs, the EU Institutions and EaP governments for vibrant discussions at over 15 sessions. The debates with policy makers and among civil society...


Political parties and election campaign financing in the EaP countries

Promo-LEX Association (Moldova) along with All-Ukrainian nongovernmental organization “Committee of voters of Ukraine” (CVU) (Ukraine), International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) (Georgia) and The Civil Network “OPORA” (Ukraine) released the policy...

Human Rights

Media Freedom

EaP CSF Recommendations on Combating Disinformation and Propaganda

On 31 January 2017, the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum organized a discussion at the European Parliament “Eastern Partnership: Battleground of Russia’s Disinformation War” hosted by MEP Jaromír Štětina (EPP, CZ). The Eastern Partnership media landscape and...

Public Administration Reform


Time for a New Security Architecture for NATO and Eastern Neighbours

This policy paper was produced within the framework of the Security Alert on the EU’s Eastern Doorstep, a project supported by the EaP CSF Re-granting Scheme, and published by the Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development/CIPDD (Georgia), in partnership...

DCFTA Implementation

Environment and Energy Security

The potential for paludiculture in the Eastern Partnership

As a part of the EaP CSF Re-granting project “Promotion of Paludiculture in Black Sea Region Wetlands for Carbon Sequestration, Sustainable Development and Community-Based Renewable Energy” the Environment People Law (Ukraine) and its partners NGO Agricola (Ukraine),...

Higher Education Reform

Social Policies and Social Dialogue

Machine Industry Transformation in Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova

The policy paper “Machine Industry Transformation in Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova” was produced within the project “Vulnerable Employment in Machinery in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine: Setting a Common Policy Agenda”, supported by the EaP CSF...

Delegated Social Services Systems in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine

The policy paper “Delegated Social Services Systems in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine” was produced within the EaP CSF Re-granting project “Advanced Reforms, Advanced Civil Society”. The goal of the project was to contribute to decentralization of social service system...