Platforms and Panels

The multilateral EaP architecture includes 4 thematic Platforms and three Panels under each of the Platforms. Platform 1 covers topics related to strengthening institutions and good governance. Platform 2 is about economic development and market opportunities. Platform 3 combines topics related to connectivity, energy efficiency, environment and climate change. Platform 4 represents stronger the society track covering mobility and people-to-people contacts. The EaP CSF sends two civil society representatives to each meeting of EaP Platform or Panel.

Platform 1: Strengthening Institutions and Good Governance

Rule of Law Conference

10-11 September, 2019, Helsinki

CSDP Workshop

7-8 October, 2019, Tbilisi

CSDP and Civil Protection

17 May, 2019, Brussels

Platform 2: Economic Development and Market Opportunities

Trade Panel: Economic Development and Market Opportunities

18-19 June, 2019, Brussels

Trade Panel: Reform of Systems of Technical Regulations and of Related Infrastructure

23-24 May, 2019, Brussels

Platform 2 meeting

10 April, 2019, Brussels

Platform 3: Connectivity, Energy Efficiency, Environment and Climate Change

4th Energy Panel

17 October, 2019, Vilnius

3d Energy Panel

17 June, 2019, Brussels

2nd EaP LNG Network Workshop

17 May, 2019, Klaipeda

Platform 4: Mobility and People to People Contacts

2nd Panel on Education, Youth and Culture

1 October, 2019, Brussels

Panel on Migration and IBM

13-14 June, 2019, Minsk

Platform 2 meeting

9 April, 2019, Brussels