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(English) National Platforms


National Platforms (NPs) are valuable tools facilitating the achievement of the goals of the Eastern Partnership policies in each of the EaP countries. They were created for the purpose of ensuring active involvement of each partner-country’s civil society in the reform process. The NPs are stakeholders in the policy dialogue within their respective countries.

NPs function in all six EaP countries since 2011. Membership in National Platforms is open to all eligible civil society organisations. Within each National Platform, working groups are organized to reflect the working group structure of the whole Forum in order to better follow and influence developments within each working group at the national level. The National Platforms hold regular meetings and annual conferences, where they analyse the role of the Platform and its activities as well as look ahead to future activities.

The linkage between the Steering Committee and the National Platforms is ensured by the Country Facilitators, who are elected to this function for a period of one year by the delegation of the respective country at the Annual Assembly. The major tasks of the Country Facilitators are to coordinate the activities of the members of the country delegation within the framework of the Forum and to represent them in the Steering Committee.

Country Facilitator for Armenia

Boris Navasardian, Yerevan Press Club

Email: armenia@eap-csf.eu

Website: eaparmenianews.wordpress.com

Country Facilitator for Belarus

Mikalai Kvantaliani, Association “New Group”

Email: belarus@eap-csf.eu

Website: eng.npbelarus.info

Country Facilitator for Georgia

Lasha Tughushi, European Initiative ­Liberal Academy Tbilisi

Email: georgia@eap-csf.eu

Website: eap-csf.ge

Country Facilitator for Azerbaijan

Rasul Jafarov, Human Rights Club

Email: azerbaijan@eap-csf.eu

Website: csfnpazerbaijan.wordpress.com

Country Facilitator for Moldova

Petru Macovei, Association of Independent Press

Email: moldova@eap-csf.eu


Country Facilitator for Ukraine

Hennadyi Maksak, Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”

Email: ukraine@eap-csf.eu

Website: eap-csf.org.ua