EaP CSF Delegates

The delegates are organisations from EaP countries and the EU member states whose representatives are selected for a two-year cycle from current members of the Forum and non-members based on their expression of interest in response to an EaP CSF-initiated call, following established selection criteria and structural and thematic quotas.

How to become a delegate of EaP CSF?

Every two years, EaP CSF launches a call for delegates, to which organisations from the six EaP countries and European member states are invited to apply. Throughout their mandate, selected delegates attend yearly working-group meetings and two annual assemblies, jointly advocate, expand their network and a lot more.

The delegates of the Forum for the current two-year cycle (2020-2021) were selected based on the votes of National Platforms, Working Group Coordinators and EU delegations in line with the selection criteria and structural and thematic quotas. The list of delegates for the cycle 2020-2021 is now available here.

Current Delegates

Delegate Selection Criteria and Process

Download the selection criteria.

Download the selection process guidelines.

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