Facilitating effective visa liberalisation in Georgia, Moldova and Armenia

The project aims to address 20 Deliverables for 2020 under a number of WG4 thematic priorities: visa liberalization dialogue, mobility, regular and irregular migration.


Lead Organisation: Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP)


Project duration: March to October 2019



Tatia Dolidze (GE), Stepan Grigoryan (AM), and Iulian Rusu (MD) each managed to compile comprehensive policy papers about the visa liberalisation dialogues in their countries. Together they accomplished a compelling overview about the state of play of visa liberalisations in Georgia, Armenia and Moldova. The analysts find that experience sharing amongst the three EaP countries helps the process of visa liberalisation.

Practical guide for Armenia: 6 steps towards a visa liberalization

Compendium of Policy Papers, Dolidze, Grigoryan & Rusu (2019).

Mapping Georgia’s Visa Free Process, Tatia Dolidze (2019).

Visa Facilitation and Liberalization, Stepan Grigoryan (2019).

Five Years of EU-Moldova Visa Free Travel, Iulian Rusu (2019).