Tbilisi, 7-8 October 2019

“CSDP missions are a capacity building activity for EaP countries”

Elena Mârzac represented EaP CSF at the CSDP Strategic Communication Workshop. She contributed a civil-society perspective to the discussion on hybrid threats and propaganda in Moldova, and elaborated on the importance of CSDP missions for the Eastern Partnership region.

At the workshop in Tbilisi, Elena Mârzac (Executive Director of the Information and Documentation Center on NATO in Moldova) presented on strategic communication in Moldova. She emphasized that Moldova needs a more coordinated policy approach towards CSDP integration. More comprehensive messaging on European integration is key in achieving more coordination in this area.

Furthermore, our delegate defined the benefit of Moldova’s integration in the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy with regard to Moldova’s reform ambitions: Participation in CSDP missions helps strengthening the country’s capacity building. Aligning Moldova, as well as the other EaP countries, more with CSDP may serve as  a supplementary tool to help countering hybrid threats in the region. On the second workshop day, participants discussed if and how to engage and inform on European values with populations in territories not controlled by the governments.

Available for download

Presentation slides “The Consolidation of Inter-Institutional Cooperation and Communication Mechanisms on CSDP-related Matters – Case Study: Moldova”, Mârzac, 2019