Compliance Committee


The Compliance Committee (CC) is an independent body of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) that reports to the General Assembly – and provides a mechanism to ensure balanced division of power, accountability and resolutions for dispute situations. In line with the Rules of Procedures adopted in July 2019, the CC has the following main functions:

  • Serving as the contact point for addressing complaints and disagreements;
  • Responding to complaints related to EaP CSF norms and procedures, in particular in reference to selection processes, Re-granting schemes and National Platform operations;
  • Making or confirming decisions on conflict situations;
  • Monitoring and neutralising risks and cases of conflict of interest;
  • Monitoring the decisions of EaP CSF bodies, including the Steering Committee (SC), Secretariat, Re-granting Committee, National Platforms (NPs) and Working Groups (WGs) in accordance with EaP CSF Statute and other official regulations.

In case of disagreements or non-compliance, by individual members or EaP CSF bodies, with provisions of the Code of Ethical Conduct, the Statute of EaP CSF and the Statute of the EaP CSF Secretariat, Re-granting regulations, Rules of Procedures and decisions of the EaP CSF General Assembly, Steering Committee, National Platforms, Working Groups and Secretariat, the following actors can submit complaints:

  • Any individual member or delegate or a group of members or delegates of the EaP CSF;
  • Non-members in cases concerning their application to become a member of a National Platform of the EaP CSF or delegates of the EaP CSF, in case of appealing the decision of the national compliance body;
  • Country Facilitator/, National Platform governing bodies and Secretariat of the EaP CSF National Platforms;
  • Members of the EaP CSF Steering Committee;
  • Members of the EaP CSF Secretariat.
  • Complaints can be submitted confidentially in writing in English, or in Russian, at, following specific guidelines described by Article 5.5. of the Rules of Procedures.

The Compliance Committee consists of five members (two representing the EU-based member organisations and three representing EaP member organisations), whose work is aligned with the principles of the Code of Ethical Conduct (transparency, accountability, cultural awareness and sensitivity, non-partisanship, impartiality and independence, duty of disclosure on incompatibilities with duties).

DOWNLOAD – Compliance Committee Rules of Procedures

Code of Ethical Conduct

DOWNLOAD – Proposed Ethical Code of Conduct

For the document in Russian, click here (Кодекс этического поведения – на русском).

Please note that in case of discrepancy or inconsistency in interpretation, it is the English language version of this document that shall prevail.

Lasha Bliadze
Georgian Trade Union Confederation (WG5)
EaP member

Jan Cingel
GLOBSEC Policy Institute, Slovakia (WG1)
EU member

Iulian Groza
Chair of the Compliance Committee
Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE), Moldova (WG1)
EaP member

Mihaela-Adriana Padureanu
Experts for Security and Global Affairs (ESGA), Romania (WG1)
EU member

Grigori Yeritsyan
Armenian Progressive Youth (WG4)
EaP member