Welcome to the 11th Annual Assembly – “EaP4EU: Joining forces for a win-win partnership”. Our yearly high-level event will take place on December 4-6, 2019 in Brussels.

The Eastern Partnership marked its 10th anniversary this year. While celebrating the achievements in the past decade and highlighting successfully implemented reforms in the EaP countries, this Annual Assembly will focus on the future partnership between the EU and EaP after the milestone year 2020.

The Annual Assembly of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) is the key event conducted on an annual basis since 2009. Every year EaP CSF brings together over 200 civil society representatives from the EaP region and the EU as well as stakeholders and key decision makers.


The agenda of the event will offer a glance at the EaP policy after 2020 identifying the key elements for the next EaP roadmap and focusing on strengthening the win-win partnership between the EU, EaP governments and societies. The event will focus on a crucial area for reform in the whole EaP region—good governance and the rule of law—and will debate how it can be supported by new technologies and artificial intelligence looking also at the risks that digitalisation is posing.

The event will discuss how to develop resilient societies with a particular focus on countering and neutralising hybrid threats—an area where the EaP countries and the EU can learn from each other. As reflected in its title “EaP4EU: Joining forces for a win-win partnership”, the event aims to shape the post-2020 EaP policy into a mutually beneficial and equal partnership between the EU and EaP countries that contributes to the solution of regional and global issues.









Reflections from past events

“The Eastern Partnership is not about geopolitics or spheres of interest. It is about making a real positive difference for the lives of our citizens. It is a partnership for, not against. It is a partnership for the economy and trade but most of all – for democracy, human rights, rule of law and space for civil society.”

Federica Mogherini

High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

Civil society’s engagement is an integral part of bringing democratic values and good governance to each of the six partner countries. However, our mission is not that simple. We face many twists and turns on our path of fighting corruption, human rights abuses, injustice and poverty

Hennadiy Maksak

Former Steering Committee Member, EaP CSF

We count on civil society to convey messages to citizens. I urge you to engage with your communities around the world, in the EU and not least in your countries. Societies will not progress without reforms taking root. Your continued engagement on either side of the EU’s eastern border is crucial and we will continue to need strong civil society leaders.

Johannes Hahn

Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy & Enlargement Negotiations, European Commission

“Civil Society this year, in particular, showed much greater professionalism, which was expressed in the capacity of its representative work as experts, in the advocacy campaigns, in the events arranged at the official level and in promoting certain issues of importance for the Forum”

Leila Alieva

Member of the EaP CSF

Annual Assembly in Numbers

Every year our Annual Assembly brings over 250 people from the EaP countries and the EU member states to debate on the achievements of the Forum and the EaP in general, as well as on civil society contribution to the reform process in the region. In various formats and sessions, we aim to bring international actors together with high-level decision-makers to work on the common priorities and improve the partnership between the EaP and the EU. 




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