WG1 re-granting 2017

Infographics: 2018 WG Re-granting Gallery Walk

Read more on 2018 WG Re-granting Projects WG3 ‘Environmental Assessment Watch – Implementation of SEA and EIA Tools Civil Society Monitoring of the Situation in the Target Countries’ WG2 ‘Convergence Business Climate in the Eastern Partnership... read more

5-й конкурс проектных предложений по программе регрантинга ФГО ВП

После успешного проведения конкурса в прошлом году Секретариат Форума гражданского общества Восточного партнерства объявляет о начале 5-го конкурса проектных предложений, которые ориентированы на достижение целей ФГО ВП, соответствуют миссии ФГО ВП и планируются к... read more

EaP CSF Contributes to EaP Migration Panels on Integrated Border Management (IBM) and Information Campaigns in Odessa and Tbilisi – Calling for More Civil Society Engagement and Coordination at Both Local and International Level

Recently, Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) took part in two separate events, which happened under Platform 4, Panel 3: “Migration, Mobility and IBM – Integrated Border Management”. On both occasions, EaP Panel on Migration, Mobility and IBM (27-28... read more

EaP CSF WG1 Re-granting Project “Increasing Capacity for Implementing Efficient Gender Policy and Practices”: International Conference in Kyiv Draws Participants from All Six EaP Countries to Discuss Gender Mainstreaming and Policy Responses

On 11-13 October, Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) participated in an international conference “Gender policies and practices of EU and EaP countries”, held in Kyiv, Ukraine – as part of EaP CSF Working Group 1 Re-granting Project “Increasing Capacity... read more