EaP CSF Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the representative body of the EaP CSF with a mandate from civil society in the EaP countries and EU member states. It serves as the governing board of the CSF and consists of maximum 13 members elected for a one-year term by the Forum at its Annual Assembly and meets several times per year to develop strategies for future development and guide the activities of the Forum. The Steering Committee elects two co-chairs on a yearly basis, who chair the meetings of the Steering Committee.

The minutes of the Steering Committee meetings are noted by the Secretariat, which is also present at the meetings. The minutes of each meeting are made available to the public.

Steering Committee members act on a voluntary basis. The Committee has a number of responsibilities that include:

  • Representing the Forum at the highest levels both in the EaP countries and the EU
  • Developing concepts for further CSF development and priorities for its activities
  • Promoting the values, goals, and activities of the EaP CSF
  • Advocating on behalf of the Forum for the matters of importance to the Forum
  • Participating at EaP events including thematic platforms and panels
  • Nominating CSF representatives for EaP meetings and events
  • Engaging representatives of National Platforms, Working Groups, and Sub-groups
  • Developing procedures and guidelines for the operation of the Forum
  • Taking part in the selection of the next Forum’s delegates
  • Sharing information with CSF representatives and with broader stakeholder community

Current SC Members


Working Group 4 Coordinator

Zaur Akbar, Youth Club Public Union, Azerbaijan                                                                                                                                                  

Email: wg4@eap-csf.eu


Working Group 3 Coordinator

Ina Coseru, National Environmental Center, Moldova                                                                                                                                              

Email: wg3@eap-csf.eu


Working Group 2 Coordinator

Laura Dittel, Carpathian Foundation (Karpatská Nadácia), Slovakia                                                                                                                     

Email: wg2@eap-csf.eu


Working Group 1 Coordinator

Mikayel Hovhannisyan, Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Armenia


Country Facilitator for Azerbaijan

Rasul Jafarov, Human Rights Club, Azerbaijan                                                                                                          

Email: azerbaijan@eap-csf.eu

Country Facilitator for Belarus

Mikalai Kvantaliani, Association “New Group”, Belarus                                                                                           

Email: belarus@eap-csf.eu

Country Facilitator for Moldova

Petru Macovei, Association of Independent Press, Moldova                                                                                 

Email: moldova@eap-csf.eu


Country Facilitator for Ukraine

Hennadyi Maksak, Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”, Ukraine

Email: ukraine@eap-csf.eu


Country Facilitator for Armenia

Boris Navasardian,Yerevan Press Club, Armenia                                                                             

Email: armenia@eap-csf.eu


Working Group 5 Coordinator

Goda Neverauskaite, European Trade Union Confederation, Belgium

Email: wg5@eap-csf.eu

Working Group 3 EU Coordinator

Ana Otilia Nutu, Expert Forum, Romania                                                                                                                                     

Email: wg3@eap-csf.eu

Working Group 1 EU Coordinator

Sofia Strive, Forum Syd, Sweden                                                                                                                                                                          

Email: wg1@eap-csf.eu

Country Facilitator for Georgia

Lasha Tughushi, European Initiative ­Liberal Academy Tbilisi, Georgia

Email: georgia@eap-csf.eu