Civil Society Forum

Our Mission

The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) aims to strengthen civil society in the Eastern Partnership countries as well as foster cooperation and the exchange of experience between civil society organisations from partner countries and the EU.

Its mission is to facilitate and strengthen the active and expert engagement of civil society in the Eastern Partnership and in the Eastern dimension of EU external relations policies. In addition, it aims to further participatory governance and accountable policy making in the democratic transition and European integration of the Eastern Partnership countries, including their prospective EU membership.

At the national level, the EaP CSF aims to strengthen the diversity and plurality of public discourse and policy making in the Eastern Partnership countries by holding governments accountable and promoting fundamental freedoms, participatory democracy and human rights.

The EaP CSF achieves its objectives through:

  • implementing flagship projects that monitor and facilitate democratic transition in the Eastern Partnership region;
  • providing direct input and submission of written opinions and recommendations in the early stages of policy making both in the Eastern partners and the EU;
  • conducting advocacy campaigns at critical junctures;
  • monitoring the implementation of commitments and agreements made between the EU and the Partner countries within the framework of the Eastern Partnership.

EaP CSF Strategy 2018-2020

EaP CSF Strategy 2015-2017

EaP CSF Articles of Association

Our History

March 2009

Consultation process on the creation of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF)

May 2009

Prague Eastern Partnership Summit – Concept paper on the EaP CSF

November 2009

1st EaP CSF Annual Assembly in Brussels, Belgium

November 2010

2nd EaP CSF General Assembly in Berlin, Germany

November 2011

3rd EaP CSF Annual Assembly in Poznan, Poland

August 2012

Registration of the EaP CSF Secretariat as a Belgian non-profit organization

November 2012

4th EaP CSF Annual Assembly, Stockholm, Sweden

December 2012

Start of the EaP CSF Secretariat operation

October 2013

5th EaP CSF Annual Assembly in Chisinau, Moldova

November 2014

6th EaP CSF Annual Assembly in Batumi, Georgia

November 2015

7th EaP CSF Annual Assembly in Kyiv, Ukraine

November 2016

8th EaP CSF Annual Assembly in Brussels, Belgium

December 2017

EaP CSF Strategy 2018-2020 is adopted