Civil Society Forum

EaP CSF is the largest umbrella organisation of NGOs from the Eastern Partnership region and the EU, working together with +1000 organisations to promote European integration, facilitate reforms and democratic transformations in the six Eastern Partnership countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Our mission is to ensure effective participation of civil societies of Eastern Partnership and the EU in the process of planning, monitoring and implementation of the Eastern Partnership policy in constructive dialogue with the EU and EaP decision-makers. EaP CSF is the only Civil Society organisation to have an observer status within the official EaP Architecture. On a regular basis we are invited to attend the EaP ministerial meetings, Senior Official Meetings, EaP Platforms and Panels, CORLEAP and Euronest Parliamentary Assembly meetings.

The Eastern Partnership (EaP) is a policy initiative that aims to bring the six Eastern neighbours – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine – closer to the EU.  Read more about the EaP policy here.

Our structure

To fulfil our role in facilitating the process of transformation in the EaP region, the Forum operates as a self-standing independent actor via different entities. The General Assembly is the highest decision making body in the EaP CSF. It offers a platform for debate on the achievements of the Forum and the EaP in general. The Steering Committe serves as the governing board of the CSF, developing strategies for future development and guiding the activities of the Forum. The Secretariat works hand in hand with the Steering Committee as an information, coordination and expertise hub for the participants of the Forum, the bodies of the Forum, and stakeholders in Brussels and Eastern Partnership countries.  The Forum is rooted into local civil society in the EU and EaP countries via National Platforms and Working GroupsThey facilitate the achievement of the goals of the Eastern Partnership policies in each of the EaP countries. Follow the button to learn more about our structure. 

Our strategic priorities

The current Strategy of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum covers the 2018-2020 period and is logical continuation of the Strategy of the EaP CSF for 2015-2017 and the preceding Concept paper “EaP CSF – An Active Partner in Democratic Transition and European Integration”.

Contact us

Alexandra Sabou

Administrative and Statutory Processes Manager
Tel: +32 2 893 25 86