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Leading the Way Towards a Democratic European Future

10-12 December 2018

Tbilisi, Georgia

 Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, 1 Rose Revolution Square

Parliament of Georgia, 8 Shota Rustaveli Avenue (11 December, first half of the day)

Please note that only invited organisations can attend the event

The symbolism of 100th anniversary of national independence for five Eastern Partnership countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine, invites for self-reflection and re-evaluation not only in the Eastern Partnership, but also in the European Union and its wider, future context. This historical date is a litmus test for the systemic struggle in the Eastern Partnership countries, which are locked between democracy and authoritarian regimes. At the same time, one year before 10th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership policy initiative, and halfway to milestone year 2020 with its 20 Deliverables, the time is ripe for the European Union to take a serious look at its policies in the region. The principles underpinning Eastern Partnership remain as relevant as ever, but today’s geopolitical challenges require more ambitious approaches and greater engagement of citizens in securing the democratic rights and freedoms supported and promoted by the European Union.

Together with civil society partners from the region, the Annual Assembly will address the question of how to further sustainable, democratic development and support European Union’s commitment to the Eastern Partnership policy initiative. What is more, recent developments show that we need to engage with citizens and counter the authoritarian backlash – evident in some parts of the region, united as a whole. The participants will learn more about campaigning and advocacy strategies, not only to maximise pressure but also to foster constructive engagement in their home countries and abroad. In light of 100th anniversary of independent Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine, the Annual Assembly will furthermore explore how countries’ historical experience influence their future political trajectories.

Out of total 569 applicants for the 10th Annual Assembly «Leading the Way Towards a Democratic European Future» in Tbilisi, Georgia, 165 organisations have been selected in either the capacity of Delegate (Participant) or Observer, in line with the eligibility guidelines (drawing on shortlists by the national platforms, working group coordinators, and European Union delegations in the six Eastern Partnership countries). This year, we received 100 applications more than in the previous year. More than 50% of all applicants have never attended the Annual Assembly of the Forum before. We are happy to hear that civil society organisations in the EU, and the Eastern Partnership region, express that high interest in our activities. Last year’s event in Tallinn, Estonia last attracted over 300 attendees, speakers and guests who attended more than 50 sessions of different formats focusing on the issues that are most relevant for civil society.

Annual Reports: EaP CSF Working Groups 1-5
  1. Working Group 1 «Democracy, human Rights, good governance and stability» Annual Report (Letter), 2018
  2. Working Group 2 «Economic integration and convergence with EU policies» Annual Report, 2018 (to be published soon)
  3. Working Group 3 «Environment, climate change and energy security» Annual Report, 2018
  4. Working Group 4 «Contacts between people» Annual Report, 2018
  5. Working Group 5 «Social and labour policies and social dialogue» Annual Report, 2018 (to be published soon)

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Annual Reports: EaP CSF National Platforms (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine)
  1. EaP CSF Armenian National Platform Annual Report, 2018
  2. EaP CSF Azerbaijani National Platform Annual Report, 2018 (to be published soon)
  3. EaP CSF Belarusian National Platform Annual Report, 2018 (to be published soon)
  4. EaP CSF Georgian National Platform Annual Report, 2018
  5. EaP CSF Moldovan National Platform Annual Report, 2018 (to be published soon)
  6. EaP CSF Ukrainian National Platform Annual Report, 2018

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The list below contains the names of organisations only. However, please note that the delegates whose names were provided in the application form will be representing the organisations at the statutory meetings. The organisation can change the person who will be representing the organisation only by informing the EaP CSF Secretariat in writing. The delegate cannot be changed after 1 October 2018, or after the ticket has already been bought (whichever happens earlier).

Working groups

  1. Democracy, human rights, good governance and stability
  2. Economic integration, convergence with EU policies
  3. Environment, climate change and energy security
  4. Contacts between people
  5. Social and labour policies and social dialogue