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The lockdown exit strategy in Armenia

As the situation gets out of control in Armenia, hospitals do not have enough capacity to manage the new wave, explains our podcast guest, Arevhat Grigoryan, a media expert from Yerevan Press Club. With the Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan, and his family having tested positive for coronavirus, the government has since re-introduced some restrictions, mentions Grigoryan.

COVID-19 in uncontrolled territories of Ukraine

The outbreak of coronavirus in Ukraine has also had implications on the uncontrolled territories of Ukraine. Hanna Shelest is taking stocks on how coronavirus put pay to international expectations for settlement in Donbas conflict, what Kyiv is doing to help the residents of the uncontrolled territories, and how the COVID-19 outbreak will impact the post-pandemic government of Ukraine. 

Civil society actions in Belarus

While the highest authorities continue to deny the gravity of the situation with COVID-19 in Belarus, civil society and business are mobilising to help medical personnel and vulnerable populations. Our guest, Andrij Stryzhak, outlined a fast rapprochement of civil society and businesses, which might yield fruitful results in the future.

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The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) is a unique multi-layered regional civil society platform aimed at promoting European integration, facilitating reforms and democratic transformations in the six Eastern Partnership countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Serving as the civil society and people-to-people dimension of the Eastern Partnership, the EaP CSF strives to strengthen civil society in the region, boost pluralism in public discourse and policy making by promoting participatory democracy and fundamental freedoms. EaP CSF is a non-profit, non-government, non-partisan civil society organisation.

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